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Time passes, and Vani becomes a popular and celebrated attorney, while her husband, Bhoominathan, is a very successful granite businessman. Rani is living with them, along with her husband, Swaminathan, who has tried his hands on so many fields and has burnt his fingers with many losses. Rani, however is a favourite among the neighbours and a well versed home maker. Vani is a mother of two children, Surya (Arun), a cowardly lawyer, who does not practice but stays at home, while her second son, Gautham (Vicky) is the college bad boy always getting involved in all sorts of mischief, resulting in the pricipal calling for a conference with Vani. Rani has three children, Saravanan (Maanas), an ace student and a good boy, Selvi (Nikhila Rao), a studious and fashionable girl, and Thenmozhi (Baby Neha), an A-grade student who is queen of the gossip circle and has a big mouth.
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