Office Promo 04-11-13 Vijay Tv Serial Online [2013-11-04 to 2013-11-08]

Genre romance, comic drama, show 

Composed by jacob 

Guided by jacob 


Starring karthi 

Shruthi Raj 

Signature music composer ilayavan 

Nation of origin india 

Unique language(s) tamil 


Official producer(s) b.ravikumar 

Producer(s) k.j.ganesh 

Editor(s) s.madhan Kumar 

Location(s) india 

Cinematography r.balagurunathan D.f.t 

(Karthik) is a city kid who had ordered an occupation in an office. Raji ( Shruthi Raj ) is a village youthful woman who is shortly in the city. She too had asked for an occupation in an office. Their procurements were recognized by the working environment overseer. In the working environment, there are stores of conglomerations so Karthik, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Raji, Kaushik and Soundarya are in the same accumulation. The pioneer of this get together is (Susan). Cortex goes with his close-by partner, Vishnu. Above all else they guffawed seeing Raji's village style, however at last Karthik encountered energetic sentiments for Raji. Raji feels the same, yet they might favor not to let every know other. Lakshmi (Seema) is an alternate one laborer in the work environment and comes to be buddies with Raji. Karthik helped Raji to finish an assignment and Raji grabs extra gratefulness for Karthik. Susan is merry that the endeavor is concluded and she gives Karthik a grip. Raji comes to be jealous. Karthik satisfactorily chills Raji. At that point Vishnu fells captivated with Lakshmi. Soundarya was married young and she loathes people who endeavor convey pre-adult as she couldn't take pleasure in her unhitched male years. Kaushik and Soundarya were covetous of Karthik, Raji, Lakshmi and Vishnu so they tried to separate them. The whole gathering had been capable a thought to take off on an event trek, however Raji is unable to keep away from the way that her family won't agree. In any case she deceived her nearby relative, yet then her father knew the honest to goodness reason behind the untruth and gave her an opportunity to go. When they met up the restaurant-motel they started getting a charge out of their chance at the shore, bistro, and everywhere on they were prepared to go. A desirous Kaushik put alcohol in Raji's refreshment. She drank it and came to be unmindful. With the conspicuousness Raji has practically conceded her need to Karthik. Soundarya is nearing closer with Vishnu which make Lakshmi jealous and angry against Vishnu. Raji came to understand that Karthik abandoned Susan's room the morning and she remains wary about him. Regardless, she didn't talk with him then She uncovers the reason for why. Karthik gets to a great degree angry that Raji has got address on him and stop speaking with her.. At that point Raji's father is planning a marriage to his young lady. Raji is bothered to hear this as she worships Karthik and she doesn't agree. Same time Lakshmi come to be miserably captivated with Vishnu. By then Raji examined this to her mates and to Karthik, Karthik says that its her presence, she can do anything that is not his presence, Raji gets angry and upset on listening to his comments and calls her father and gives him a chance to realize that she agree to the marriage and the lucky man can come and see her around then. Karthik starts to concede to Raji anyway she doesn't hear him. She gets out. One day from now Karthik gets advices from Vishnu and Lakshmi, and start to be cool and smiling. The gathering has got an alternate errand and in an assembling, Susan tells the collection that 2 of them have to take off to the Usa to satisfy the endeavor, each living soul rejects it however Karthik agree. Susan the sum of a sudden says that If Karthik goes, she will go with him too. This matter gets Raji envious. She encourages Karthik to not take off to Usa. She starts to concede when the main event that her father told is coming into the working environment with her here. Karthik gets especially steamed and leaves angrily. The focus when Karthik leaves Soundar enters. Soundar sees Raji and likes her a ton and wishes to marry her yet Raji might not want to marry him. Sounder is a close-by family friendly of Raji's uncle so she can't say no to him. She gives her a chance to know father to advise the spouse to be's side of the family absolutely since it is a delicate issue. Raji's father says that he will give them a chance to know soon however until then to be serene with the objective that there won't be any issues. Sounder notwithstanding the way that comes and sees Raji each day and speaks with her. The analyst doesn't comparable to this one touch so he gets enraged at whatever indicate Raji takes off see him. Discerning how Raji can't say anything in regards to it and is lamented by it Vishnu tries to deal with the issue himself. He sees Soundar holding up outside and gives him a chance to realize that he will tell Raji that he came anyway he never gives her a chance to know. In the wake of sitting tight for 8 hours in Raji's office Soundar gets perturbed at Raji and gets out. Raji gets incensed at Vishnu for doing this. Karthik observing how focused on and hopeless she is he runs with his allies and say dismal to him with the objective that Raji won't be desolate. The focus when Soundar is holding up for Raji inside the boutique again he gives her a chance to realize that he was panicked that she might forsake him. Raji then gives him a chance to realize that she isn't captivated by wedding him. Karthik requests from her what excuse for why she did that and she says that she won't speak with anybody that he doesn't incline toward. By then and there it is showed that they both appreciate each one in turn and they both understand that anyway they won't say it in light of the way that they are unable to dodge the way that in the wake of saying it they won't have the ability to be as one. 

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