Nadhaswaram 05-11-2013 Sun Tv Serial Online

Nadhaswaram is a Tamil Tv serial controlled by Metti Oli chief Thirumurugan. He gained high commending for his presentation serial Metti Oli, so he kept controlling an alternate. This serial too is family arranged like Metti Oli. It is likewise broadcasted by Sun Tv. The scenes are for the most part shot in Karaikudi and has a great deal of debutants in acting. 

Made by thirumurugan 

Composed by thirumurugan 

Controlled by thirumurugan 

Signature music composer sanjeev Rathan 

Composer(s) kiran 

Nation of origin india 

Unique language(s) tamil 


Producer(s) thiru Pictures(p)ltd. 

Cinematography sarath K.chandhar 

Running time approx. 17-20 minutes 

Handling company(s) thiru Pictures- or system –> Sun Tv 

Theni Sathyabama as Deyvanai : 's wife. A lady who is practically dependably not fulfilled by what her spouse does. She demands her spouse to perform Nadhaswaram alone without Chokkalingam. 

Pandi : Mayilvahanan and Devanai's main and just child. A pointless, flighty and a discourteous individual. He cherishes Maha and he even tries to assault her for he yearnings to wed her. He doesn't falter to execute Gopi just for Maha. He hijacks Maha and weds her. Anyhow, Maha overlooks him and doesn't converse with him as he obtained cash from Gopi to fulfill Maha. At that point, he is killed by his supervisor furtively which prompts the hatred between Chokku and Mayilu. 

Maheswari : Eldest little girl of Chokkalingam and Meenakshi. She is wedded into a hazardous gang. She stays with her spouse in Chokkalingam's house as her spouse was in an unlawful association with an other lady. 

Kamu : Mayilvahanan and Deyvanai's eldest little girl. An extremely conventional and calm young lady misconstrued by her father in the first place because of his fondness for his offspring. She is wedded to her school mate, Moorthy. 

Paramu : Mayilvahanan and Deyvanai's most youthful little girl. A chatty young lady rather than her sister, Kamu. She even tries to run off with a gentleman. 

Ragini : Chokkalingam and Meenakshi's third little girl. Ragini is an extremely chatty and challenging young lady preparing to be a beautician in Coimbatore. 

Geetha : Chokkalingam and Meenakshi's most youthful little girl and is in her educating. These young ladies help their mother in her bloom laurel work . 

Rohini : Malar's sister who carries on as a know everything. She prompts her sister however winds up picking a wrong sweetheart. Her guardians propel her to wed her sister's first spouse, Gokul. 

Gokul : Malar's first spouse. He cherishes Malar at first however starts to suspect her after they get married. He tortures her from the precise day they wed. So Malar abandons him and later weds Gopi. 

Rangathurai as Piraisoodan : Married to Pushpa who is the sister of Chokkalingam and Mayilvahanam. He is the Postmaster of Peravurani. He loathes his Brothers in law at first thinking of them to be of more level status than him however gets along well with them later. 

Sutha Prakash as Pushpa : Wife of Piraisudan. She battles between her siblings' family and her spouse's crew. She has a girl called Maha of whom she is regularly attached to. She ignores her own siblings concerning Maha's wellness. She urges Gopi to wed her little girl after his marriage to Malar. 

Maha : Eldest little girl of Piraisudan and Pushpa. She adores Gopi and chooses she might do anything for him. She is constrained into a marriage with Pandi when she is rationally sick. 

Sammandham : Eldest offspring of Piraisudan and Pushpa. The Joker of the acting piece. He Flirts around and once had a mate named Mayilamma. The most youthful girl of Prasad's Step mother and Sammandham are presently enamored with one another. He talks in broken English and has an amusing method for strolling which is the highlight of his character in the dramatization. 

Sumathi : Youngest girl of Piraisudan and Pushpa, who is even now educating. 

Rassapa : Youngest sibling of Chokkalingam and Mayilvahanam. He remains a lone ranger and a blameless man. He works in a rice process. 

Thailamma : Mother of the three Brothers and Pushpa. A lady who adores to be free and exists alone in a house adjacent to Pushpa's. 

Selvarangam : Maheswari's spouse. He runs a leased coconut shop and exists in a leased house however deceives Maheswari that he possesses them. Right now he is in exceptional terms with Gopi's gang. 

Senthil : Ex-darling of Paramu. He tricks her. 

Mahanadhi Sivashangkar as Neliandavar : Kamu and Paramu's father-in-law, a man who is depicted as unpleasant before Moorthy's marriage, however mollifies after his child's marriage. 

Neelavathi : Neliandavar's wife. 

Moorthy : Neliandavar and Neelavathi's second child and Kamu's spouse. He misfortunes Kamu to wed her. However as time passes he holds no appreciation for her. Notwithstanding, he is, no doubt with Kamu. 

Ramesh : Neliandavar and Neelavathi's third offspring and spouse of Paramu. 

Jeganathan : Malar's Father. 

Prasad: another character from Malaysia and presently living with his step-mother and step-father in India who is quite profoundly to Prasad. He is the first-conceived kid of Sokkalingam and Meenakshi which themselves doesn't realize that Prasad is their child and additionally Prasad as well. Prasad is currently a family-companion to Sokkalingam's family and as of late chooses to wed Maha. 

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