Pudhu Kadhala (Tamil Love Strory) Review By Cine Bitz

Khushi is a straightforward and customary young lady from Lucknow profoundly established in family values. She puts stock in the quality of adoration, connections, and confidence in God. Arnav is a rich, egotistical and smooth business investor with no confidence in adoration or God. His closest passionate bond is with his sister Anjali. Arnav and Kushi are irritated by one another quickly yet discover they are more comparative than they may suspect. Khushi begins working at Arnav’s office and his specialists Lavanya (Arnav’s better half) begun taunting Khushi and her dresses alongside her companions. At that point Lavanya then stays with Arnav’s family and everybody is joyful yet Arnav’s nani. Anjali enlists Khushi to help Lavanya turn into a decent bahu. An occurrence happens when Lavanya looses Nani’s goat Laxshmi however Khushi spares Lavanya from getting into inconvenience and says it was her blame. This makes them companions. Lavanya begins taking in the estimations of a decent bahu from Khushi and tries her best to turn into one. Over the long haul, Lavanya enhances and Nani gets awed with her. Khushi and Arnav understand that they love one another yet are so unyielding it is not possible acknowledge. Rather, Arnav begins offending Khushi from multiple points of view to see her response. He even advertises his engagement with Lavanya after he and Khushi offer a sentimental minute. Be that as it may, Lavanya soon understands that Arnav cherishes Khushi and abandons him to settle in London.

Shyam, Anjali’s spouse and a legal advisor by calling, meets and begins to look all starry eyed at Khushi. While Shyam puts on a show to be a cherishing spouse and a fair man, he subtly desires for Khushi and stays with Anjali just for her riches. Because of circumstances including her supportive father’s wellbeing, Khushi and Shyam get to be locked in. In any case, on finding his wedded state, Khushi severs the engagement and cautions Shyam that he must retouch his ways.

Arnav chooses to tell Khushi that he adores her. On the other hand, things change when Arnav incidentally sees Khushi and Shyam together and conceives that they take part in an extramarital entanglements. Shyam then deludes Arnav, guaranteeing that Khushi and he are enamored with one another, and just Anjali is their hindrance. Accepting Shyam and to spare Anjali’s marriage, (as Anjali was pregnant) Arnav powers Khushi to wed him by debilitating to pulverize Payal’s (Khushi’s senior sister) marriage with Aakash (Arnav’s cousin). Their marriage is an agreement for six months. Despite their unwilling relationship, Khushi and Arnav move beyond their disparities and Arnav understands that Shyam is in charge of their inconveniences when Khushi dangers her life to spare Arnav from Shyam’s hijackers. Khushi and Arnav then unabashedly acknowledge their sentiments towards one another. Arnav kicks Shyam out of the house, which makes Anjali misjudge Arnav, which he later clears. Amid Godh-Barai, Anjali gets a stun according to Shyam’s arrangement of premature delivery to get into the house once more, which he does because of Anjali’s terrible condition. Then some misconception happens in the middle of Akash and Payal.

Arnav’s fatherly grandma then enters, and in the wake of trying Khushi a considerable measure, uncovers reality of Khushi’s receptive mother Garima as she was the purpose for Arnav’s father and mother passing. Arnav still remarries Khushi formally with all the customs, regardless of resistance from his fatherly grandma, and chooses to overlook the past and proceed onward. In the wake of demonstrating to Anjali that Shyam was in charge of her premature delivery, Arnav kicks Shyam out of his home for the last time.

Exactly when the marriage appears to be once more to typical, Sheetal (Arnav’s companion) brings a child – Aarav, who is a duplicate of Arnav. Khushi starts to suspect he may be Arnav’s child. Later it is uncovered Sheetal was a gold digger who acquired Aarav and prepared him to be similar to Arnav just to get access to Arnav’s gigantic riches, and that she had guaranteed Aarav she’d lead him to his guardians on the off chance that he did so. Khushi and Arnav kick Sheetal out of their lives and lawfully embrace Aarav from his halfway house.

At last Khushi wins Mrs. India crown with Arnav by her side and they carry on with a cheerful life together with their received child, Aarav and their Raizada crew.

Irandu karangalen Sattham Review By Cine Bitz

In the wake of beating Revathi who is the partner working at Vasanthi’s home, Baalu commandingly took his child Naveen from the house, and as Baalu opened the entryway of his auto, he was amazed to see reviewer Vikram sitting inside his auto. Vikram then advised Baalu to give back Naveen to Revathi else he will place Baalu in the penitentiary and as Baalu returned Naveen to Revathi, assessor Vikram advised Baalu to go hand in hand with him to the police headquarters. Watch full scene to know more.

The hero of this day by day cleanser is Vasanthi – a junior, submissive, mindful white collar class housewife who is a single parent. Her spouse Balu abruptly makes a go at missing one morning, leaving no follow. Left alone with her three under-18 kids, Vasanthi compensation a challenging fight despite seemingly insurmountable opposition and an antagonistic culture – first to discover her spouse and afterward to battle for herself and her family when her spouse couldn’t be found. While the story opens with Balu missing and happens to delineate a battling Vasanthi, from that point it proceeds onward to illuminate the suspecting viewers what happened to Balu and uncovers Maya, the key enemy of the story and the purpose behind her meddling in Vasanthi’s life. Amid this stage, it is strikingly depicted how ladies turn out to be the greatest snags for an engaging lady. The third and last piece of the story shows how even Vasanthi’s own particular youngsters get to be antagonistic to her and why and portrays the statures of passionate trauma she experiences to triumph.

Anthe Nerra Pookal Review By Cine Bitz

Assistant who meets expectations at Selvamani’s home took leave for a few days without educating Arul’s mother and later, she arrived at Arul’s home and asked for Arul’s mother to overlook her and said that she will never take leave, without advising them and won’t rehash such things in future. At first Arul’s mother advised the aide to go out as she rehashes the same show everytime, except Thankam asked for Aul’s mother to pardon her for the last time. Watch full scene to know more.

This is a story of yearning, personality, retribution and triumph! Anthe Nerra Pookal is a 18 year old young lady who needs personality for her mother in the public eye as a wife. She strives hard for it and even takes up the fault for a homicide, she has not dedicated. She goes to prison and even loses her mother in the deal. She observes that she has been hoodwinked. Presently the changed Anthe Nerra Pookal promises against influence and riches and wages a solitary fight against her step sister and step mother. This is not a fight where she needs to gain more influence and cash and demonstrate her up manship however a fight where she will make her adversaries deny of all their influence and riches. At that point she will climb above them. How she gives up adoration, fondness and experiences a few hardships to accomplish this structures whatever is left of the story. Her just mantra in life is ‘It is not my flaw in the event that I am conceived poor, yet it will completely be my deficiency in the event that I bite the dust poor, and I won’t let that happen.

Pulangulal (Tamil Wedding Instrument) Review By Cine Bitz

T. S. B. K. Mouli as Chokkalingam, the eldest sibling in the crew. An exceptionally kind hearted and neighborly individual who dependably needs his kids to be euphoric. He treats his nephew and nieces as his youngsters. He does Nadaswaram execution with his sibling, Mayilvahanan, to whom he is close.

Thirumurugan as Gopi, who possesses a tailorshop and has a colleague named Kaja. Gopi advices individuals and he has regard for his gang. Gopi is hitched to Malar.

Poovilangu Mohan as Mayilvahanam, more youthful sibling of Chokkalingam. Mayilvahanan adores and believes his child, Pandi more than his girls. After the demise of his child he is looking to look for retaliation against Gopi and Chockkalingam. But,he understands his misstep and gets an illness as a discipline.

Srithika as Malar. She fills in as an Engineer in the Electricity Board. Hers is one of the wealthiest families in Karaikudi. She wedded Gopi furtively without her guardians’ learning. Presently, she exists in her in-laws house.

Jeyanthi Narayanan as Meenakshi : Chokkalingam’s wife who treats her spouse’s nieces as her own particular youngsters. She supports her eldest child Prasad, and she even went to the degree of pursuing Gopi out of the house so Prasad can sit tight.

Theni Sathyabama as Deyvanai : ‘s wife. A lady who is quite often not fulfilled by what her spouse does. She demands her spouse to perform Nadhaswaram alone without Chokkalingam.

Pandi : Mayilvahanan and Devanai’s unparalleled child. A futile, flighty and inconsiderate individual. He adores Maha and he even tries to assault her for he cravings to wed her. He doesn’t delay to murder Gopi only for Maha. He seizes Maha and weds her. Yet, Maha disregards him and doesn’t converse with him as he obtained cash from Gopi to fulfill Maha. At that point, he is killed by his manager covertly which prompts the hostility in the middle of Chokku and Mayilu.

Maheswari : Eldest little girl of Chokkalingam and Meenakshi. She is hitched into a hazardous gang. She stays with her spouse in Chokkalingam’s home as her spouse was in an unlawful association with an other lady.

Kamu : Mayilvahanan and Deyvanai’s eldest little girl. A tolerable and calm young lady misconstrued by her father to start with because of his adoration for his child. She is hitched to her school mate, Moorthy.

Paramu : Mayilvahanan and Deyvanai’s most youthful little girl. A chatty young lady rather than her sister, Kamu. She even tries to abscond with a gentleman.

Ragini : Chokkalingam and Meenakshi’s third little girl. Ragini is an extremely chatty and challenging young lady preparing to be a beautician in Coimbatore. She was hitched to Rajesh, who obscure to her was an insane person. She later separated him.

Geetha : Chokkalingam and Meenakshi’s most youthful little girl and is in her educating. These young ladies help their mother in her blossom festoon work .

Rohini : Malar’s sister who carries on like a know everything. She prompts her sister yet winds up picking a wrong sweetheart. Her guardians urge her to wed her sister’s first spouse, Gokul. In the wake of seeing Gokul’s real nature, Rohini separated him and wedded her uncle’s child, Shiva.

Gokul : Malar’s first spouse. He cherishes Malar at first yet starts to suspect her after they get married. He torments her from the very day they wed. So Malar abandons him and later weds Gopi.

Rangathurai as Piraisoodan : Married to Pushpa who is the sister of Chokkalingam and Mayilvahanam. He is the Postmaster of Peravurani. He loathes his Brothers in law at first considering them to be of lower status than him yet coexists well with them later.

Sutha Prakash as Pushpa : Wife of Piraisudan. She battles between her siblings’ family and her spouse’s crew. She has a girl called Maha of whom she is characteristically enamored with. She dismisses her own particular siblings concerning Maha’s wellbeing. She urges Gopi to wed her little girl before his marriage to Malar.

Maha : Eldest little girl of Piraisudan and Pushpa. She adores Gopi and chooses she would do anything for him. She is constrained into a marriage with Pandi when she is rationally sick. She wedded her cousin Prasad and is currently pregnant.

Sammandham : Eldest child of Piraisudan and Pushpa. The Joker of the dramatization. He Flirts around and once had a better half named Mayilamma. The most youthful little girl of Prasad’s Step mother and Sammandham are currently infatuated with one another. He talks in broken English and has a clever method for strolling which is the highlight of his character in the dramatization. He has presently transformed into an aghori.

Kadasai Sandai (Tamil Historical story) Review By Cine Bitz

Mahabharat presents the story of the throne of Hastinapur, the kingdom led by the Kuru family where Kauravas and the Pandavas siblings vie for rulership. Both Duryodhan and Yudhisthir case to be first in line to inherit the throne.

At the point when Bhishma requested Gandhari’s hand in marriage for his visually impaired nephew Dhritarashtra, her sibling Shakuni got angry. Despite the fact that he concurred later, he promised to himself that he would devastate the Kuru race.he sowed the seeds of the climactic clash of Kurukshetra amid the immaturity of the Kauravas (Sons of Dhritarashtra) and Pandavas (Nephews of Dhritarashtra) by harming the brain of Duryodhan; the eldest Kaurav against the Pandavas.this brings about the Kurukshetra War where Shri Krishna gives “Bhagwad Gita” (Holy Scripture of Hinduism) To his Pandav Cousin Arjuna.

The fight saw the passings of Bhishma Pitamah; The Mighty Karna among a lot of people. All the children of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari passed on in the war. The Battle produces “clashes of family relationship and kinship, and occurrences of family dependability and obligation overshadowing what is just.”

Composing for Rediff, Nishi Tiwari said the show “gets the points of interest – vocabulary, foundation score, and the sets” right in correlation to the 2008 variant by Ekta Kapoor, however the on-screen characters were needing in examination to the BR Chopra form that publicized in the 1980s. Tiwari composed that “On the off chance that it keeps up the nature of composing and capable performing artists who depict key characters, we may have an alternate victor among us”.DNA applauded the outfits, view, Krishna’s woodwind subject, and the greater part of the CGI enhancements, however said the story pace was excessively fast.The first arrangement should be a 120 scene arrangement yet as the show raked in evaluations as it advanced, two more augmentations were given.

Its chief had a viewership of pretty nearly 8.4 million people.which was the most astounding rating for an Indian weekday fiction show.

In December, the show had a TVT viewership rating of 6,835, positioning seventh spot for the week.

Kaareyalayam Review By Cine Bitz

Shakthi’s father, Senthilraja (AC Murali) and Shakthi’s mother, Vasantha (Sathyapriya) have orchestrated Sanjay (Shyam Ganesh) and his family to view her girl as a conceivable lady for him. Sanjay’s father (Vizhudhungal Santhanam) declines the cooperation as Shakthi’s family have no relatives. He passes on his contempt towards individuals who run off deserting their gang. Vasantha is heart-broken on listening to this and uncovers to Shakthi that she has a senior sibling, Annachi (Vijayakumar) and that Senthil has a senior sister, Nagavalli (Vadivukkarasi). Shakthi gives a guarantee to her guardians that she will make her parent’s kin acknowledge the two and take them in. She camouflages herself as a cook of Annachi’s home to end the enduring quarrel between Annachi’s family and Nagavalli’s family providing for her a superior chance to make the two families acknowledge Shakthi and her guardians.

Un Vaalnatkal Review By Cine Bitz

Uttara is an excellent lady and has a senior sister Devyani. She is a content married couple to Rishabh and has a young little girl with him. Rishabh gets into a mishap, turns into a heavy drinker, and begins beating his wife. Uttara sends her little girl to lodging to not let the rough environment at home block her training. Rishabh then begins pimping Uttara for cash, which she opposes yet at the end of the day gives in. She couldn’t deal with Rishab’s tormenting any longer and winds up murdering him. She is reassured by her sister Devyani’s family, the Jakhars. She is liberated from all her charges by Devyani’s degenerate and unethical spouse, the agent controller general (DIG) of police, Brahmanand Jakhar (or Brahma). She is invited into their home and is given a space to live, however from the start she doesn’t feel completely invited into the gang.

Brahma is a degenerate, tricking, womanizing individual who additionally takes influences. Everyone in his family is mindful of his wrongdoings, with the exception of his child Aditya. His child values him as God and the one thing Brahma reasons for alarm is his child discovering his truth. Notwithstanding conceivable results, Brahma to begins an alternate issue, with Uttara. Aditya’s wife, Priya, chooses to battle against Brahma’s detestable activities and endeavors to provoke his wife Devyani against him. Before long, Uttara feels invited into Brahma’s family and starts to become hopelessly enamored with him; inevitably the two impart an energetic kiss on the gallery of Brahma’s house. Uttara later laments the thought. Made mindful by Priya, Devynai is not negligent of his advances. Brahma figures out how to persuade her that nothing is going in the middle of him and Uttara and that he is simply reassuring her as she doesn’t feel acknowledged into their family weapon no.

After Brahma leaves on office business, Uttara starts to ponder Brahma. She understands that she is infatuated with him and feels that he is enamored with her also. At the point when Brahma returns, Uttara communicates her affection, and Brahma weds her religiously, not lawfully. They unmitigated their relationship, and Uttara then gradually begins taking control of Devyani’s family unit exercises. Uttara and Brahma are additionally having intercourse over and over around the house, likewise unnoticed by whatever remains of the relatives. When she is completely accountable for the family, no relatives understand any distinction, aside from Priya and Devyani. Devyani then tries to caution Uttara of Brahma’s degenerate practices in office and his womanizing inclinations. Uttara, in her affection, declines to get it. At the point when Devyani begins talking against Brahma, he uncovers on Karuva Chauth that he will separate her and marry Uttara, really a plot to get Devyani in control. Priya takes this as an open door for Aditya to learn of his father and Devyani obliges the arrangement.

Kaatru Review By Cine Bitz

Thulasi’s father Manikam (Subhalekha Sudhakar) needs her to wed an elderly man Velayudham (Nizhalgal Ravi) notwithstanding Thulasi’s dissent. Manickam persuades Thulasi that the main way she can wipe away the wrongdoing submitted by her mother who had run off away with an alternate man is by wedding Velayudham. Stung by blame, Thulasi consents to wed Velayudham regardless of their age distinction. Velayudham as an exchange offers Manickam an immense measure of money. Yet destiny has different plans, along these lines by misstep, the photographs of Thulasi and that of an alternate young lady Lavanya (Shalu Kurian) stirs up in the photograph studio and winds up in the hands of the Hero – Tamilzharasu (Deepak Dinkar). Lavanya happens to be the sister of Tamizharasu. On seeing Thulasi’s photograph, she passes on that she jumps at the chance to have a sister-in-law looking as wonderful as Thulasi. Pulled in by Thulasi’s excellence and incessant insults by Lavanya, Tamizharasu becomes hopelessly enamored with Thulasi. Thulasi at first declines to acknowledge Tamizharasu’s adoration. Later she succumbs to him when he stops her marriage with Velayudham and goes along with her in an Engineering school paying the charges for her.

Tamizharasu’s mother needs him to wed a rich and amble young lady of her decision with the goal that she could be the controller of her second little girl in-law. Her association with the eldest-girl in-law Sudha (Bhavya kala) is not in great terms along these lines she needs to wed Tamizharasu a rich young lady who is prepared to be inside the line drawn by her. She chooses Charulatha (Srividya) the embraced little girl of a rich specialist, as the prospective lady. Tamizharasu is profoundly disheartened by Thulasi’s refusal along these lines he acknowledges the engagement in the middle of him and Charu. Charu surrenders herself to Tamizh and sees him as her spouse as of now however Tamizh just adores Thulasi. Sudden unforeseen development sees Tamizh wedding Thulasi later in a sanctuary restricting his mother. Charu is broken by the unforeseen development and gradually she transforms into a maniac after specifically seeing the marriage in the middle of Tamizh and Thulasi. She creates a lethal retaliation towards Thulasi as she expect that it was Thulasi who got Tamizharasu from her. Charu and her would-be-Mother-in-law plot to particular Tamizharasu and Thulasi. Thulasi gets the plot and clarifies Charu’s mindset to Tamizharasu. Anyhow Charu keenly outsmarts Thulasi and by the unforeseen development, Tamizharasu reasons that Thulasi is not fit to be his wife. Tamizh is prepared to separate her yet Thulasi asks Tamizh for a last opportunity to demonstrate Charu’s messy contemplations and succeeds in uncovering her genuine nature. Tamizharasu begins scorning Charu.