Pudhu Kathai Review By Cine Bitz

There are lot of loop holes in this episode…which are very obvious…
1. NK’s friend asks if he informed sundaresan about Revathy’s delivery.Nk tells he did but he is not in his place..but conveyed the message.NK’s friend asks about Siva.NK tells he had tears in his eyes when he heard he has become father.NK’s friend tells since he has realised his mistakes, he should be forgiven by Revathy. Sivagamy joins the talks saying she is stubborn in her decision for not showing her son to him.We have advised her the maximum.NK’s friend tells if many advises she would change her mind and he wants to give a try.
2. At that time shan and ashok comes there and informs that kadhir;s mom GM is under Paandi’s custody and he is acting like kadhir. Shan tells that ashok and himself went and saw her in Paandi’s house and informs NK that GM is in danger.Ashok tells paandi is planning to kill GM and put the blame on NK.NK and sivagamy gets shocked. Shan ,NK and Kadhir start to the house where GM was there.But when they go there they find the house empty.Shan tells having foreseen the danger, paandi must have shifted her place.Shan tells NK to go back..He and Ashok would search for GM.Shan asks ashok to show all the places paandi used to visit.( Cant they take help of police..for everything they ar egoing themeself)

3.Kadhir plugs the charger to his cell phone, and keeps it in a table. Poo in the adjacent room finds that the cell is in reachable position through window. Poo manages to pull the table and takes the cell phone and calls Shan.Shan answers the call..Poo tells she is under kadhir’s custody but she doesnt know the place and she is calling from Kadhir’s cell. She also tells that NK is in danger by Kadhir..at that time shan doesnt get proper signal and keeps saying hello hello..Poo on hearing the opening of door,,,she plugs the charger back through windows..At that time shan disconnects and calls back the same number.This time kadir picks up the phone..and answers..Shan on hearing Kadhir’s voice shan disconnects..Kadhir goes to call register and checks recived calls and calls back.but shan doesnt answer..Kadhir didnot check the dialled numbers..else poo would have been in danger
Ashok asks if any problem..Shan ashok to proceed searching for GM and he will come back and rushes.
3. Paandi brings GM in his bike to his house.GM asks Paandi why is this shifting of house.Paandi tells that house is very small..so he bought this house and arranged a servant maid to take care of her.Paandi calls Valli, his own wife and introduces valli as the servant maid ..Valli gets shocked and doesnt understand why he is doing like this..GM asks why all this servant maid and asks paandi to marry soon.He says ok and takes her to a room and asks her to atke complete rest and comes out closes her room..After coming outside,paandi threatens his wife he would kill him if he disclose this to anybody outside.
At that time Ashok comes and knocks at the door..Paandi tells that must be ashok and again threatens his wofe not to tell anything about the woman and paandi being at home and asks his wife to send ashok from there without making him enter the house..having heard the knock for long time, GM comes out and asks who is knocking for long time.Paandi manages saying somebody and asks her to go and take rest.
Valli opens the door and finds ashok outside. Ashok asks if paandi has come home (Can’t he see the bike parked outside) ..Valli looks tensed..Ashok tells paandi is doing more wrong things and its not good..Valli tells that they know his character.and when he is about to enter the house..valli tells she is havinghead ache and asks ashok to buy her medicine..Ashok gets surprised and asks that she never gets headache..but she tells he is having severe head ache now..Ashok with little doubt leaves..Valli comes inside and informs paandi ..paandi tells she should keep this secret.
4.Revathy at home with her kid (the kid looks like 2 montsh baby). Siva waiting outside…NK’s friend advises revathy to forgive siva and accept him.And tells siva is waiting for her approval to come inside..He also tells she can be detrmined to not accept him and live alone life long but seeing her pain nobody would be at peace..ANd advise that siva also has the equal rights that revathy has on the baby.Vidya asks revathy not to by other;s advise and asks her to decide based on her instinct and also add she understand the pain ih the husband deceives..Sivagamy scolds Vidya and tells her to keep quiet and says only her life is spoiled and if her brother comes and asks having given my daughter to your son,now she is like this vaazhavetti..then at that moment i will die..revathy looks at her..NK’s friend asks NK to advise her.
NK tells he doesnt need to tell her anything..she know the best.NK’s friend insists him to advise her as he is elder in the house.Nk tells what he can tell her..he tells when she came to this house she was full smiles ,..innocent and now she is like that..what can he advice..and despite all these problems, she never uttered a word to her dad..because if he comes to know he would feel sad..and she never showed her agony because it would affect family’s value in the town..Nk tells she is great and she has done so many things for the family and Nk tells he would go by whatever decision revathy takes.
Revathy gets up ..takes her kid and goes out and gives to shiva.Shiva cuddles the baby.revathy tells teh baby resembles him.everybody comes out happily..and NK asks Revathy if this boy can be let in..she approves and everybody comes inside.
5.Valli goes out to a provisiion shop. paandi stops him and orders the provision over phone..Valli asks paandi about that lady..( the door when GM is resting..is open and they are sittingin hall just opposite ) Paandi tells sh eis kadhir’s mom and he has some plans..valli asks paandi not to go against kadhir as he is big shot here..paaandi tells he wants to be the only big shot here..He also tells he doesnt want this problem btw kadhir and nK to be solved at all..He is planning to kill GM and put the blame on NK so thet will be lifelong enemies..GM hears this..gets up and comes out..valli sees her and looks shocked..
GM is shown in closeup shot looking shocked

Susheela Review By Cine Bitz

Episode starts with Susheela walking towards Vijaya’s room. Vikram was hiding behind the room doors. Vijaya is tensed. Susheela was standing outside the door and asks why she’s awake at this time. Vijaya manages to get rid of her and sushella asks her to goto bed and she leaves. Vijaya finally was relaxed and asked Vikram to leave. He gave her a gift and leaves from there.

Meenkashi worries about jay and Jay comes home with Sundaram and Valli. Meenkashi was soooo happy to see him and she thank sundaram and valli for saving her son. Sundaram asks why he didn’t get the operation and Meenkshi tells him about her condition and that she can’t afford to do the operation.
Sundaram asks her to do the operation asap and leaves from there. Valli waved to Jay and he seemed like kutty lord muruga.

Akila was at THiru’s house and looking at Janu’s wedding pictures. They both were very happy and Janu comes in so mad and asks Akila to leave the house. Akila and Thiru was so shocked to see Janu like this and asks what’s wrong. Janu said that she’s scared Akila will take all the love from thiru and that nowdays Thiru spending lots of time with Akila. Janu acts as she’s possessive about Thiru and Akila being together closer,but Thiru didn’t expect this. Akila asks her for forgivess and said that her father belongs to Janu and that she was the one taking care of him for so long. Thiru is mad and asks janu what waas the real reason for her to act like this. Janu started crying and said that Akila is skipping college and spoiling her studies. She said that Akila should goto college everyday,but after she started coming to their house,she’s skipping school often.
Akila says sorry and said she wanted to see her father and that was the reason for her to skip college. Janu said studies are very important for a women and that it’ll support a women through all her life. She also said padmini is struggling to pay for akila’s studies and that akila should be thankful for that. Akila felt bad and said that she won’t skip college again

Deivam thanda En Thangai Review By Cine Bitz

Jeevika and Manvi Chaudhary are two sisters devoted to one another. Jeevika is the older sister; she is mature, well-tempered, and cautious whereas Manvi is fun-loving, bold, and loquacious. After the death of their parents, they leave their life in Delhi and return to their ancestral home in Rishikesh. Enter Viren and Virat Vadhera, two handsome brothers who come from an extremely wealthy family in Chandigarh. Viren is a well established lawyer, whereas Virat is still discovering his love for music. Jeevika and Viren are betrothed but circumstances involving Jeevika’s previous suitor, Dr. Manan- circumstances mostly caused by Manvi’s meddling as she’s afraid of losing her sister- bring their engagement to a head. Eventually, Jeevika realizes she loves Viren, and Viren proposes to her again. They then get married, and Jeevika moves to Chandigarh.

Shortly after Viren and Jeevika are married, Manvi discovers she has blood cancer. This brings her closer to Virat, as he is the first to know about it. They go through the oscillations of arguing and making up until they both realize that they’ve fallen in love with one another. Once Manvi undergoes chemo, it is discovered that only a bone marrow transplant will save her life. Jeevika and Viren are expecting a baby at this time, but Jeevika is the only person who matches Manvi’s bone marrow and blood type perfectly. Viren and Jeevika choose to abort their child to save Manvi’s life. Afterwards, Manvi and Virat are married.

Trouble brews again when Jaiswal, a man who previously attempted to kill Viren during his wedding, sends Karan, an imposter to pose as Virat and Viren’s bua, Swamini’s son. Jeevika and Manvi learn of this, and when Karan attacks them, Jeevika appears to have murdered him in defense. Viren suspects foul play and is able to prove that Jeevika is innocent, and that Karan’s real killer is Jaiswal.

Viren runs into a woman just about to commit suicide and ends up saving her life. As it turns out, the woman is the wife of his old friend, Sambhav. Her name is Riya, and she quickly grows close to Viren as he is caring and kind to her. This prompts Manvi and Virat to believe that Viren might be having an affair. One night, everything blows out of proportion when Riya is killed, and Viren is arrested for murder. Jeevika is devastated and will stop at nothing to save her husband. Evidently, she, Manvi, and Virat devise a plan when it is learned that the woman Viren knew as Riya is actually Sheetal, Sambhav’s lover. Viren never actually knew the real Riya, who was strangled to death by Sambhav the night before Viren was arrested. Jeevika pretends to believe Sambhav’s lies, and she purposely spends time with him. Sheetal misinterprets these meetings and believes Sambhav is in love with Jeevika. In doing so, Jeevika, Manvi, and Virat are able to get Sambhav and Sheetal’s confession on tape that it was Sambhv who killed Riya. Viren is released from jail shortly after.

In the months following Manvi learns that she is pregnant while Jeevika learns that she cannot conceive. As a result, Jeevika and Viren opt for surrogacy. But the surrogate mother, Vidhi, comes with a dark past, and she develops feelings for Viren. Nemesis takes her in the form of her abusive husband Shashank, who poses as Viren’s old friend Harshad. When Viren discovers that Harshad died three years prior in a plane crash, Shashank attempts to pit Viren and Jeevika against each other. Viren clears the misunderstanding and then forces Shashank to divorce Vidhi. In the meanwhile, Manvi must undergo special treatment during her pregnancy. While at the hospital, she meets her real father and works to re-establish him with their family in Rishikesh. Jeevika at first does not want to accept him, but after he saves Manvi’s life, she realizes how important family is.

The show ends with Vidhi and Manvi both giving birth to baby girls. Viren and Jeevika name their daughter Mansi Vadhera, and Virat and Manvi name their daughter Jhanvi Vadhera. It is then revealed that Jeevika is pregnant with her and Viren’s second child.

World of Idhu Kadhala Review By Cine Bitz

Nothing can be certain these days when all things with such a fast speed on all domains. We are talking about an impressive amount of information on all areas that we as consumers receive and we either receive it positively and become fans or ignore it and stay away of it.
Idhu Kadhala is one of the best serial that Bollywood has since the industry started. With elegant and nice actions, the serial started few months ago when everybody was skeptic about the results and impact over the population. Is true yes, no one managed to come on the market so far with such a successful program like Idhu Kadhala managed to have.

I am supporting this serial from more perspectives and there are three or four important ones. First main aspect is that the serial is done exclusive with Indian actors which know very well how to play their roles. They are aware how to play some really hard roles despite of their lake of experience. This is not something that I don’t like.

Second, I guess that everybody sees that each serial has more and more intrigued action. Nothing is more attractive than seeing some good new replies, new good action on the action plate. Figure this out you can understand why the serial is being so attractive.
Three, one of the most important reason is that Idhu Kadhala serials have some of the best actors from Bollywood. Yes, that’s true they are young, smart and play really well the roles. This is one of the reason why the serial is being watched over the ocean so much. Fans are growing day after day, Facebook fan pages are now growing incredible and people know that this is just the start.

The last but one of the most important reason why Idhu Kadhala will be one of the best serial is because they have a moral. The theme is really good. Is not just something random that will be forgotten on the next day by the fans and now more than ever is very important to learn something from a serial.